Does Infonorm do any finishing work?

We can recommend reliable vendors to finish signs: lettering, braille or painting.

Can I apply ADA lettering?

All Infonorm System signs allow for ADA lettering and braille. QCNA and EPICS signs feature add-ons for ADA compliance.

Are the lenses ADA compliant ?

The lenses for all of our product lines, except for ARIS, are ADA complaint.

How do I care for for the signs?

Signs should be lightly wiped with a clean, damp cloth on a regular basis. Please download our care instructions PDF for more details.

How are the signs installed?

Installation instructions can be provided upon request. Infonorm does not install signs or provide any installation materials like tape or screws. We can recommend reliable installation vendors. Download our Installation guide for more details.

What is Infonorm's warranty policy?